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Personality Interpreter (PI)

In 2001 the founders of D&M identified a need for delivery of professional profiling in the field of online introductions. After extensive searches, talking with many psychological groups and experts PI was found and integrated into the sites. It is a unique psychology test based on a decade of psychological research and practice and highly advanced mathematics of managing statistics that make the PI highly resistant to client’s subjectivity or attempted misrepresentation. The PI is a unique psychological, mathematical and self-development tool connecting in a single whole the newest exclusive innovations with a number of advantages and opportunities, inherent in the best existing techniques. Multiple methodologies are used as a theoretical base.

Within the current scope of the online introductions market there is no parallel for the PI. Its 100 question structure is integrated into the
client profile generation process. Requiring 20-40 minutes to complete, it produces detailed and highly sophisticated report.

  • The computational processing developed with the use of traditional mathematical statistics and some of author’s own ideas and methods, at present have no analogues anywhere in the world.
  • The output of the report provides the client with insight into a wide range of personality attributes that explain his or her ability to cope with diverse circumstance of a relationship whether sexual, business or behavior in groups.
  • The reliability of results even when a person consciously attempts to distort answers is compensated for by the powerful mathematical device and extensive statistics.
  • The test can be applied in many kinds of activities: dating, employee selection, promoting, and many other applications, supported by a large and a varied scaling of statistical analysis and parameters.
  • The diversity of interpretations of the test gives full assessment of practically all qualities and aspects of the personality.
  • Accuracy, trustworthiness and reliability of assessment are provided not with repeated recurrence of a question in various similar phrases, but by the checking of answers with statistical data. Thus random errors and conscious distortions are automatically corrected, and this practically excludes an opportunity of distortion of the information given by user

  • The PI successful application in the limited market segment has led D&M management to initiate planning on wider application scopes and ranges. While the basic software engine used in the PI is easily ported to other fields requiring personality profiling, work has already started on developing products that, though based on same and ongoing research and evaluation of statistical data, will allow D&M to offer services to other diverse market segments in human relations, workplace solutions and other areas of social interactions.

    In 2004 D&M purchased all proprietary rights to PI.