Each moment we grow…
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Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. business focuses in three directions:
1. Online dating
2. Matchmaking
3. Workplace solutions and psychological solutions

Online dating at present is the largest growing and most profitable category of all online businesses. However, workplace markets are going to grow considerably the next several years (for example, the offshore job market).

The foundation of the business activity of Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. is a personal approach combined with forward internet technology. Internet and everything connected with it are the most rapidly growing spheres of people activity people now. It is very profitable and very dynamic. D&M directs its activity to the areas that are most rapidly growing in Internet: everything connected with interpersonal relationship – dating, matchmaking, socializing and work. To be successful in these markets the company needs to be highly dynamic also.
And D&M is highly dynamic as its officers are experts in Internet technology and have extensive experience in developing large and sophisticated software projects and promoting them on the web.

In year 2004 the company purchased a unique tool – a psychological test: Personality Interpreter. This unique psychological technology will allow D&M to offer services to other diverse market segments in human relations: family counseling, coaching, training and workplace solutions, such as promotions, employee selection and others. We also will begin franchising using the Personality Interpreter as the framework for new franchises.

With new ideas of Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. that are planned to be deployed, the borders of online dating will widen substantially and allow us to bring new categories of users in addition to present ones.

Dating and Matchmaking offers our shareholders worldwide the interesting possibility to participate in this exciting opportunity in the most promising markets, to create new markets and contribute prosperity to global communities through enhanced interpersonal understanding.

The investor will find information about the new programs and sites of Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. and will have the opportunity to purchase preferred shares online.

The Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. Investment Center will provide investors and interested parties with information, news, press reports, interviews, business reports, pamphlets, newsletters etc.


Principal of Board, Secretary, Treasurer: Nicolay Grebnev
President, Member of Board: Irina Grebneva
Vice President, Member of Board: Dean Wicker