Each moment we grow…
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp each day we push limits

Current Business:

  • D&M owns more than 17 fully functioning deployed working Internet sites.
  • D&M purchased proprietary rights and will use on all its matchmaking sites a unique technology for professional profiling – Personality Interp reter.
  • D&M has the biggest matchmaking agency in St-Petersburg, Russia.
  • Several sites in dating (world, regional and segmented) are developed and deployed.
  • Workplace solutions are in developmental process.
  • D&M is a rapidly growing in Internet. It is a flexible and innovative company

Matchmaking direction and franchising

Primarily, organized for providing clients with matchmaking services have been in operation. The registration of Russian ladies and clients’ support and service are provided at the office, located at 2, Konyushennaya square, St. Petersburg, Russia. At this office there is an equipped photo studio for free-of-charge photographing of ladies. The agency was also the first to introduce a new way of supporting users on ICQ (online chat system that has millions of users). At present the agency is the only one having an Internet -camera at the office.

The US office is located at
7786 South Forest Street,
Littleton, CO 80122

Since then in spite of its young age the company has grown to be the biggest matchmaking agency in St-Petersburg. D&M has made a good promotion
for the site www.AllSingleRussianGirls.com in Internet: it is in the first place of many search engines.

The agency is currently using two strategies: automated online matchmaking, and Personal Advisor matchmaking support.

The analytical software produces a report as well as automatically matching the client with other registered users. While the report will make suggestions about compatibility, deeper exploration of the analysis will be left to the clients (in the case where the client has not paid for Personal Advisor support). The basic report is of sufficient quality to ensure for a highly informed decision making by the client.

Since then seven other sites in matchmaking direction targeted to different segments of this market and different needs of users were developed and deployed. The sites have different services, and the price differs from very low with limited number of services provided to very high with a many personalized services. Some of personalized services are very helpful to the users: Personal Advisor program, individual search, personal consultations with a psychologist, instant compatibility rate, psychological matching and others. There is a psychological center on the sites, where users can ask questions, read the questions of other users and the answers and articles of our psychologists.

One of the goals of D&M is creating regional franchises for its technology of professional matchmaking. Franchisees operated by locals who are better placed to deal with cultural differences that affect relationships in their regions around the world. It is created for introductions of men and women in one region.

The success in the work of the matchmaking direction (many people who have found their match) is due to the use of unique psychology technique used on the site – Personality Interpreter.