Each moment we grow…
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp each day we push limits

Dating direction

At present, D&M developed and deployed several dating sites, user-friendly, with many features and active use of PI that helps people find each other. Many more sites in this direction are in development. In dating direction D&M sees its goal in actively encouraging social activity and socialization to improve relationship skills. The team of professional psychologists works on it to make it really interesting and attractive for users.

D&M also offers a dating service for the disabled at no charge which will hopefully significantly enhance quality of life for people who are
often involuntarily unable to use conventional means of meeting people.

D&M will continue its growth in the dating market, finishing and deploying the projects now in development and develop new projects in the niches where the need of users is unsatisfied (the projects that are completely new and unique in the market).

There will be several general dating sites targeted to different audience and so having different design, features and policies. There will be also several segmented dating sites, that according to research have become more and more popular the last few years and are expected to grow further in the following years. The revenue on these sites comes not from subscription only, but also from customers paying for additional features.