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D&M operates in the Market of Dating services that have been strongly increasing for the last several years. At the present moment the market on online dating is the most perspective and profitable of all online niches: The Personals/Dating category surpassed both Business/Investment and Entertainment/Lifestyles to become the largest paid category in online industry.

The Online dating industry grew from 72 million USD in 2001 to 304 million USD in 2002 – more than a 400% growth. According to a large marketing company Jupiter Research the total revenue of on-line-dating market will grow and by 2007 will increase more than 200%.

60% of the active Internet population is single. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 70 million adults in the United States are single. They estimate this number to exceed 100 million by 2010.

Now that Internet Dating is gaining social acceptance, singles are openly admitting among friends they’ve dated someone they met on the Internet, in record numbers.

Another market D&M is interested in is workplace solutions. It is expected to grow considerably the next years. For example, concerning the market of offshore jobs, Forrester Research in May 20, 2004 revealed that the number of US services jobs moving offshore by the end of 2005 will grow to 830,000. By the end of 2003, 315,000 jobs had been shifted offshore, representing less than 1 percent of the jobs in the affected categories. This number will grow to 1.6 percent by the end of 2005.