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About www.1VipDating.com

– After the initial communication sessions with you and reading the result of Personality Interpreter, your Personal Advisor will know you and what kind of woman is the best matched to you. Your Personal advisor will help you select the best matched ladies on our database.
– The Personal Advisor keeps you informed about the ladies you are interested in; the seriousness of their intention towards you; how they look in real life; what impression they produce; and their personal qualities such as loyalty, faithfulness, supportiveness.
– Your Personal Advisor invites then all the ladies from your shortlist to the offices of our dating agency and introduces you to them personally.
– You are warned about any possible problems that can appear in your married life with the girls and told how to avoid them.
– You will have constant feedback on your communication with the women, and advice on developing the relationship.
– You are not limited by the number of letters, or number of women you write to.
– If the women you contact dont know English to a sufficient level, our dating agency will help them to translate your correspondence and visa versa.
– We are 100% sure that you will like our service because they are highly effective. But to make it easier for you to make your first step we provide you with an incredible guarantee – a 30 day money back guarantee on this personal program.