Each moment we grow…
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp each day we push limits

2005, May
  • New detailed view of profiles in pop up window
  • Database load balancing for several sites
  • Improved perfomance for several sites

2005, April
  • Possibility for users to send ice-break to other users to begin communicating
  • Banner management system
  • The button to complain on the user

2005, March
  • Video and audio chat for full users
  • Photo albums
  • Possibility to send video and audio messages on the site

2005, February
  • Video-audio records in profiles
  • Fast replication among several servers (once in 5 minutes)
  • Dramatically improved speed of the gallery
  • Dividing avatars into different categories depending on the site

2005, January
  • Possibility for users to tune the system so that it sends the messages to the persons mail without necessity to login to the site to read them,
  • Possibility to reply to other users on the site without loggining to the site, just reply back to the letter of notification with the text of letter.
  • Live support chat
  • Database load balancing for several sites
  • Better performance of the gallery and detailed profiles

2004, December
  • Possibility to send winks
  • A new design of mailbox on the site
  • A new design of home (my profile)
  • A new view of detailed profile of the user