Each moment we grow…
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp each day we push limits

The US office is located at 7786 South Forest Street, Littleton, CO 80122 USA.
The Russian office is located at 36, Voznesensky pr., St-Petersburg, Russia

Irina Grebneva Director and President of the Company

E-mail: [email protected]
Irina Grebneva MSc, MA Eng., MA Psy., is D&MDirector of Operations and President, who is the original concept developer of the service, responsible for office operations, staff training and client liaison. Irina is also the franchise liaison Manager. A programmer by training, Irina made a conscious decision to change her career direction to pursue the goals in the HR industry.

Nikolay Grebnev Director of the Company, Chairman of the Board of the Directors and Secretary/Treasurer

E-mail: [email protected]
Nikolay Grebnev MSc., is the Director of D&M, as well as its Chairman of the Board of the Directors and Secretary/Treasurer, also has the operational role of heading the IT development. A programmer and a economist by education, Nikolay began his career in the defense industry, taking part in several defense projects. In 2000 he set up SoftEnergo (a software company) that has grown to 15 full time workers under his management without any financing . He is currently completing his PhD.

Dean Wicker Vice President of the Company

E-mail: [email protected]
Dean ,resides for the past 43 years in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado, with a Bachelors Degree in American History in 1961. He has substantial experience in the field of finance, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Wicker started his career in investment banking in 1962. He was the youngest Public-Finance-Negotiator in the rocky Mountain region at that time. He changed his professional direction in 1967 and founded a chain of winter sport equipment stores and owned and managed these until 1981. He then returned back to investment banking and became the senior institutional sales executive for the firm George K. Baum and Co. a New York Stock Exchange member firm. In 1984 he became vice president and partner of Boettcher and Co. Inc. a New York Stock Exchange member firm and the largest investment banking firm in the Western United States. In 1991 he became an independent financial adviser, specializing in the areas of mergers and acquisitions. From 1994 until August 2000 he was treasurer and a member of the board of ISO Block Products USA, Inc., which is now Cryocon Inc. a publicly traded company. He is a Director of Goldfish Holdings, Inc.